The deadliest apocalypse that could trace us and chase…

Reversed Order Existence is a menace that would trace us and chase. The concept of Reversed Order Existence is completely new, original and unique.

It is based on an apocalypse made by indicting the nature, manipulating the Natural Order of Existence. When all the existing energies, resources that exist in the Natural Order of Existence are sucked out from the particular world and stored and concentrated in another, then the former gets rid of the natural conditions of life and existence.

It deals with Reversed Ageing, Reverse Breathing and death is incomplete. There is no death in Reversed Order Existence. Even severely injured suffer immortal suffering and no death comes by.

Speech is silent, active ear and dumb lips.

Climate-Reversion results in unpredictable weather events that occur in reverse, Rains shooting from the earth, super volcanic winters preceding a super volcano, Fused Moon and Sun and a lot more.

BLAZON, A TIGER, IS TRAPPED IN THE DEADLIEST APOCALYPSE- REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE. REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE has engulfed Tra Land. It is the weapon of the rising Mediocre (Monsters) led by MIZARD, the monster lord against the Meritorious (Tras) led by their Reverend Crown DIAMONDES. Meritocracy is responsible to have created dangerous divisions and deprivations amongst citizens through Status States. But BLAZON is no tra or monster but is tortured and chased. There is too little time to survive and incomplete deaths are rapid. Identity, love, betrayal, power, survival, family, friendship, tiger-human conflict will be judged in REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE. There is no going back!


REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE is written by Blaze Goldburst and published by Reverend Crown Publications PVT Ltd. The theme revolves around Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy and Dystopia, Pages – 322; Indian edition: Rs 559, paperback is published by Reverend Crown Publications and available in all international stores, including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and others.

Available in all international stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Kobo, Ebay and others.


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