Born by accident, China’s miracle baby still alive

Beijing, March 24:

A baby boy born during a road accident that killed his parents in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen is still alive after a week.

A couple in Haicang district of Xiamen was going to the hospital on a motorcycle March 8 with the woman in labour for the delivery of the baby when they collided with a heavy-duty truck near a road crossing.

Under the impact of the collision, the couple was killed but the unborn baby dropped from his mother’s womb on the roadside, the China Daily reported Monday.

Medical examination showed the new-born suffered a brachial plexus injury and a minor brain haemorrhage. The infant is under medical observation.

Experts said it was exceedingly rare for infants to survive similar ordeals when forced out of mother’s body because of a traumatic accident.

The Chinese media has been abuzz with the story since last week.


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