Bring plastic waste, take money: Cuttack Bali Yatra organisers

Bhubaneswar: The Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) has announced that it would provide money to the vendors at the upcoming Bali Yatra for depositing their recyclable wastes at the designated centres.

The CMC has declared the entire venue of Bali Yatra comprising the upper and lower grounds as plastic and non-biodegradable waste controlled area by exercising the power conferred upon it by the Solid Waste Management Rules-2016 and Plastic Waste Management Rules-2016.

“All shopkeepers and vendors at the annual Bali Yatra shall keep two dustbins for dry and wet waste. The recyclable waste materials shall be deposited at the designated plastic collection centres of the CMC,” said a notice issued by the civic authorities recently.

The CMC has asked vendors to deposit PET beverage (water, juice, flavoured milk and cold drinks) containers, HDPE (plastic caps, thick plastic bottles and shampoo bottles), LDPE (frozen food wrapping, condiments), PP (Tupperware, kitchenware) and tin cans at the designated centres.

Anyone depositing the recyclable items in bulk at the designate centres shall get a refund of Rs 25 per a kg of PET, Rs 17 per a kg of HDPE, Rs 15 per a kg of LDPE, Rs 3 per a kg of PP and Rs 8 per a kg of tin, said the notice.

“All shopkeepers and vendors are requested to ensure a plastic litter-free Bali Yatra this year,” added the notice.

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