Bringing Kickboxing into mainstream as a sports with passion and determination

Bijan Barik, President of KBO has given wings to budding players to fly

Bhubaneswar: In a cricket crazy nation, when it comes to sports, most of the parents dream of their child becoming a cricketer. In glamour and glitz of the cricket, many sports get neglected. Kickboxing, which is considered to be one the best sports for physical and mental toughness also gets lost in this huge chaos.

However, there are passionate people like Bijan Kumar Barik, who take the sports to next level with determination and enthusiasm. Bijan, who is the president of Kickboxing association of Odisha (KBO) has worked really hard to take it to all the nooks and corners of the state. A sports enthusiast as well as a fitness freak, he encourages many budding players who have brought national and international laurels to the state.

Talking about his passion for kickboxing, he says, nothing can be better to achieve a great body and tough mind than kickboxing. This sports in India does not get the kind of money and attention as many other sports. It’s for purely passion and dedication as our players have won many tournaments beating some of the best competitors. Recently, the players from Odisha have won big tournaments in Maharashtra and Indonesia.

Bijan himself dedicates a lot of time towards his fitness and has converted his passion for fitness into his profession as well. He runs a gym chain in Odisha which is preferred by common man as well as big athletes. Apart from sports activity, Kickboxing Association also takes part in a lot of social activities. During Covid, KBO distributed food and necessary things to needy ones. It’s a way to give back to the society, says Bijan.








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