Britannia responds to Bourbon biscuit’s shrunken size; Here’s how netizens react

Bhubaneswar: Bourbon biscuit has been the most exquisite treat for almost every kid from the 1900s and now, after a century of treating almost every household, it’s earned quite some nostalgic values.

Perhaps carrying that sentiment, journalist Vir Sanghvi on Monday tweeted a photograph of a Bourbon biscuit and asked Britannia Industries, “Is it just my imagination (or greed) but didn’t Bourbon biscuits used to be longer?”


The company tweeted a reply which read, “No change in size, Vir. We know expectations are big, though.”




This tweet stirred quite some interactions among netizens who shared the nostalgia of growing up with Bourbon biscuits.


MP Mahua Moitra participated in the conversation tweeting, “I agree Vir! But what has upset me so much are that my childhood favourite Orange Cream is no longer availablr- the repackaged Treat is not even close 🙁 please @BritanniaIndLtd  bring them back.”




Many tweeps agreed that they felt Britannia has indeed reduced the size of Bourbon biscuit over the years and that’s upsetting.

Here’s a compilation of some such tweets:










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