British couple visits Odisha to meet snake rescuer Mirza Arif

Bhubaneswar: A couple from United Kingdom visited Odisha to meet snake rescuer Mirza Arif of Bhadrak district.

The couple, Plaw and his wife Sara, had planned to meet Arif after they came to know about him in You Tube. They reached Bhadrak on Friday, sources said.

“We had seen several videos of Arif rescuing poisonous snakes. His skills impressed us a lot. So, we had planned to visit Odisha and meet Arif,” said the animal enthusiast couple.

The British couple would spend four/five days in Odisha and observe the techniques for rescuing snakes, sources said.

“We had seen Arif’s skills of rescuing snakes in You Tube. Now, we are delighted to witness his techniques live,” said the couple.

Arif, a resident of Puruna Bazar area of Bhadrak, is well-known for his skills to rescue poisonous snakes. He had rescued quite a few king cobras by risking his life, said a local.

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