Brother, former husband arrested in Pakistan honour killing case

Islamabad, June 4 :

The former husband and brother of the 25-year-old pregnant Pakistani woman, Farzana, who was brutally stoned to death for marrying the man of her choice, were arrested Wednesday, a media report said.

So far, 12 persons have been arrested in the brutal killing that took place in broad daylight in the centre of Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city, triggering outrage around the world, Dawn online reported Wednesday.

Farzana Parveen, 25, on her way to attend a hearing in the Lahore High Court, was attacked by more than two dozen people, including her brother and father in a so-called honour killing May 27, with bricks being thrown at her.

According to the authorities, Farzana had decided to marry a man of her choice against her family’s wishes a year ago. The couple had to later flee from their hometown of Jaranwala, about 100 km south of Lahore.

Farzana, who was also pregnant, succumbed to her injuries as some of the bricks had hit her head.

Earlier, police had registered a case against 28 persons, including the victim’s family members, on a complaint filed by her husband.

Police Monday arrested five more suspects after detaining five people including the victim’s father, Mohammad Azeem, uncle and three cousin brothers, during initial investigations.

Meanwhile, efforts are still underway to arrest the remaining accused persons.

Last week, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the incident and said that those involved should be severely punished.

While demanding “immediate action” over the brutal murder, he asked the Punjab government to submit a report on the incident.


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