‘Buxi Jagabandhu’- Movie on Odisha’s Paika Rebellion soon

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jun 3:

The legendary saga of Paika Rebellion will soon be on screens as filmmaker Akshay Parija is all set to produce a movie entitled ‘Buxi Jagabandhu’ which will depict the historic armed revolt by the Paikas against British East India Company’s rule in Odisha in 1817.

Worth mentioning, Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Mohapatra Bhramarbar Ray– the then landlord of Rodhanga and nominated as ‘Senapati’ by the king of Khurda–  was the leader of the historic Paika Revolt.

In a bid to ensure global reach, Parija has decided to produce the film in English and Hindi languages.

The much awaited movie has a budget of Rs 15 crore and research for the film has already started in Khurda.

‘Buxi Jagabandhu’ will feature Odia actors, sources said.

“This is a initiative to claim Paika Rebellion as the first freedom movement of India. If the Odisha government provides assistance, the movie can be made in Odia language as well,” Parija said.

“If fictional story like ‘Baahubali’ can be successful, a movie based on real incidents can give a thrilling experience to audience, especially youths,” Parija added.

Notably, the Paikas of Khurda headed by Buxi Jagabandhu had raised their voice against heavy taxation and illegal encroachment of the tax free lands and restriction on salt by the British Rule.

Buxi Jagabandhu was a great fighter and well adapt in horse-riding, axe-fighting and Guerilla-war.

Starting from the year of 1817, the great Paika revolt ended after a long period of 10 years.

The British Government imprisoned the legend at Cuttack where he took his last breath on 24th January, 1829.

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