Canadian teenagers have less sex than a decade ago

Toronto, April 9:

The sex drive among Canada’s teenagers — whether owing to excessive smartphone use or other stress-inducing factors — has taken a substantial dip as they are waiting longer for first sexual experience compared to their peers a decade ago.

sex sceneThe survey from McCreary Centre Society, a non-profit organisation, that took data from 30,000 youth surveyed in 2013 found that four percent of teenagers above the age of 15 reported having had intercourse in 2013 compared to eight percent in 2003, Toronto Sun reported.

It found five percent fewer students between Grade 7 and 12 reported having sex in 2013 compared to 2003. In 2003, 24 percent of students from Grade 7 and 12 reported that they had intercourse before.

According to Annie Smith, executive director at McCreary, “the results show we need to be talking to young people about their sexual health so that they know how to protect themselves”. (IANS)

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