Cat makes tusker run uncontrolled in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: For around three hours on Friday, panic reigned near Kerala’s Kottarakara when male tusker Manikandan went uncontrolled for nearly six km, officials said.

According to sources, a cat reportedly spooked the elephant, brought to take part in a temple festival near Kottarakara, about 70 km from Thiruvanthapuram.

Some others, however, claimed that trouble began when the jumbo was being taken for a quick bath and the mahouts lost control and it took to the main road.

As police came, a massive crowd of onlookers to gathered to see the elephant, which started to walk on the main road for about 6 kms, but did not cause any damage.

Apprehending things could get out of hand, a group of experienced Forest Department officials was summoned and even though they had come prepared to give a tranquiliser shot, it was not needed as the mahouts and the officials successfully managed to tame Manikandan and soon it was chained, and people took a sigh of relief.


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