Cat reaches Delhi from Ukraine with owner; Airline refuses onward journey to Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: ‘Locky’, the cat, has had a bumpy ride from Ukraine along with its owner Anju Das, a student who owns the pet. But after reaching Delhi, the local flight refused to fly the cat under the pretext that pets are not allowed.

Das, a student, said she just could not think of leaving her best mate in Ukraine, and she decided to bring it along with her. Now she is determined that if she could bring it all the way from war-torn Ukraine, then she can take it to her home in Kerala’s Chengannur.

The two had to take a long walk to reach the Romanian border where Anju Das met with the Indian Embassy staff, who were kind enough to allow Locky to board the special Indian Air Force flight. The flight reached Delhi on Wednesday night and then her problems began.

“I got the boarding pass and the airline, after initially agreeing, later said I cannot take Locky. They did not even give me a hearing and the only thing they said is that pets are not allowed. So I decided to opt out of the flight. If I could bring my cat with a lot of hardships from Ukraine, I can take her to my home also,” said Das.

She said there are two flights on Friday from here to Kerala and will make the effort again. Anju Das says she is determined to take her pet, which stood with her in the worst of times, to her home in Kerala.


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