Caught on camera: Brave dog fights off cobra to save master’s family in Odisha

Jatni: “Dogs are humans’ best friend” is not just a common phrase. The millennia-long history of dog-man close relationship and loyalty was again found in Jatni area in Khordha district where a brave pet saved its master’s family from a poisonous snake.

Shera, a male dog of doberman breed, along with its partner Shara fought off a cobra for around 15 minutes to prevent the serpent from entering into its master’s house.

The incident took place in broad daylight on Thursday. The battle between two dogs and cobra was caught on a CCTV camera installed outside the house.

According to reports, two dogs were sleeping under portico of a house. At 11.12 am, Shara spotted a snake moving towards the house at front yard. Suddenly, the dog rushed towards the reptile following which its partner Shera joined the battle. The male dog alone fought off the snake bravely and killed it. The battle between the duo lasted for around 15 minutes.

By the the time one of the family members reached the spot, already had the snake died.

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