Chandra Grahan on Kumar Purnima; Know special rituals at Puri Srimandir

Puri: As the Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse) is set to occur on Kumar Purnima, the rituals at Srimandir in Puri will be performed accordingly in view of the celestial event.

The Moon will enter penumbra at midnight on October 28, the umbral phase will begin in the early hours of October 29. The duration of the eclipse will be 1 hour 19 minutes. The umbral phase will start at 01.05 AM on October 29 and end at 02.24 AM.

According to astrologers, the cooking of food will be suspended from 04.04 PM today. The rituals for Kumar Purnima can be performed before 4.00 PM.

As per the decision taken at the Chhatisa Nijog meeting in view of Chandra Grahan, the Singhadwar of Srimandir opened at 1.53 am today. The Mangal Alati was completed at 3 am. The devotees had divine darshan of deities in Rai Damodar Besha after completion of daily rituals like Mailama, Tadapalagi and Abakasha niti.

A major ritual is performed on the auspicious Kumar Purnima at Srimandir. As the Chandra Grahan falls on the special day, the ritual will be completed by the scheduled timing.

On the special day of Kumar Purnima, Chakraraj Sudarshan, the weapon of Lord Jagannath, visits three Ashrams — Angira, Bhrugu and Kandu.

“Today Lord Sudarshan will visit three Ashrams after completion of Madhyanha Dhupa Niti. The deity will be carried by Daitapati servitors. After visiting the three Ashrams, the Lord will be taken back to Srimandir by 3 pm. All the rituals for Kumar Purnima at the temple will be completed by 4.04 pm in view of the lunar eclipse,” said a senior servitor.

Despite Chandra Grahan, there will be no restriction for devotees from having darshan of deities inside the temple.

“The darshan will continue at Srimandir. The temple will remain open all the night during the period of eclipse,” he added.

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