Chit fund scam: SIT head in Odisha to chalk out next round of CBI action

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 12:

While the CBI raids in Odisha in the multi-thousand crore chit fund scam continue, Rajiv Singh, joint director of the CBI and head of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by the CBI arrived here today.

Singh today scrutinized several important documents pertaining to the chit fund scam at the CBI office here, sources said.

CHIT FUND SCAMSources said Singh is here to gather evidence  from the documents seized during raids and statements recorded against the chit fund companies being probed by the national investigating agency.

He would be discussing with senior CBI officials here on future raids on accused companies and officials and prepare a blueprint for the same, the sources added.

What has surprised many is the manner in which only lesser known chit fund companies and political lighweights have been targeted by the CBI so far.

All eyes are now on the AT Group companies whose managing director Pradip Sethi had said that several political leaders, journalists and bureaucrats had taken money from his company. Similarly, companies like Seashore, Astha, Greenray have so far not been probed by the SIT.

Sources said the CBI’s scanner will now focus on links of politicians with these ponzi companies and their activities.

The SIT head will be also probing the role of the SEBI and the RBI in allowing these fraud companies to flourish in gross violation of the existing norms, sources said

“Investigation conducted so far puts a question mark on the role of regulatory authorities like the SEBI, registrar of companies and officials of the RBI within whose respective jurisdictions and areas of operation the scam not only took birth but flourished unhindered,” an apex court bench headed by Justice TS Thakur had said in its order.

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  1. Alok Jena says

    After the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgement, Rajiv Singh ji (IPS) is the hope of Odisha now 🙂

  2. alok jena says

    Congratulations Rajiv Singh IPS Jee.Hope you will do justice to the poorest people of the country. Those who have looted by chit fund operators by the help of politicians,bureaucrats,ias & IPS officers need to be punished.


    I had been to CBI office in Bhubaneswar one week back but I found that the local CBI is not doing the investigation properly , I could feel that they are not at all interested in Artha Tatwa Group and Sea shore Group. I suspect a foul play of Local CBI hence I request the SIT Head Rajiv Singh not to rely upon local CBI. I have given many relevant documents related to Artha Tatwa Group to the local CBI but I did not notice any interest of local CBI in those documents. If this is the way CBI will continue with its investigation then I will take the shelter of Honourable Supreme Court.


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