Coal, mines and mineral bills sent to Rajya Sabha select committee

New Delhi, March 11:

The Rajya Sabha has decided to send a bill to amend the mines act and the coal bill to a select committee of the house.

rajya sabhaA day after the house saw hectic debate and arguments as the opposition wanted to send the bills to a committee while the government wanted the bills passed, bonhomie prevailed among the ruling and opposition benches on Wednesday as the government thanked the opposition for its support.

Both sides gave several arguments quoting the rule book, and the house saw several adjournments, before Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien decided that a meeting of leaders should be called and the matter settled.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu informed the house on Wednesday that consensus has been reached over formation of a select committee.

Members from both sides were also seen complimenting each other for reaching consensus, as the deputy chairman thanked the members for the understanding.

“Thank you very much for this kind of understanding and compromise. This is a good sign,” Kurien told the members.

Naidu in turn credited the opposition.

“That was possible because of the initiative taken by Sharad (Yadav) ji, and supported by all parties, leader of opposition and his colleagues,” said Naidu.

“At the end of the day, I would humbly submit there will be difference of opinion in a political system but at the end of the day, the house should function, debate and decide. All of us, we came to conclusion to follow this. I am really thankful to all members,” the minister said.

Reports on both bills will be tabled in the house by March 18. IANS

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