Congress spreads love and unity while BJP spreads hate and division: Rahul Gandhi

Panaji: The BJP believes in spreading anger, hatred and division, while the Congress spreads love and unites people, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday.

“I would like to make it very clear what the difference between the Congress and the BJP is. The Congress believes in uniting all India’s people and taking them together forward. For us every single Indian person has a right to be given the space that he requires,” Gandhi said, while interacting with a group of fishermen in South Goa’s Velsao village.

“And our response to their hatred is love and affection. So wherever they spread anger, division, we spread love and affection and we unite people.”

Gandhi also said that the Congress party cannot be blamed for rising petrol prices.

“You cannot blame us for petrol prices. When the UPA government was in power international petrol prices had reached $140 per barrel. Today, the petrol price and diesel price in the international market were much lower when we were in power.

“But you pay much more for your petrol and diesel. You should understand that today India taxes petrol the highest. Among the highest in the world and that is why you are paying a high price for petrol. It is not that petrol on the international market is that expensive. It is that petrol in India is that expensive.

“You have to ask yourself, where is that money going, to whom is that money going and who are the people who are being benefited by the coal hub that is being built here, by the prices of petrol, and if you look carefully you will find they are the same two, three four five businessmen, who are benefitting from all these things,” he added.


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