COVID-19: BMC sanitises major daily markets, containment zones

Bhubaneswar: In order to maintain better sanitation and hygiene conditions the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) today launched a massive disinfection drive by spraying sodium hypochlorite solution with the help of fire tenders from Odisha Fire Services Department.

Wile three fire tenders and a small firetender were engaged during the daytime today at the containment areas like Surya Nagar and Bomikhal, during afternoon hours five firetenders were deployed to sanitize 10 major daily markets across the city. Other daily markets will be sanitised by spraying of disinfectants later, in a phase-wise manner.

The 10 major daily markets sanitised today, included:

1.Unit I Daily Market
2.Unit 4 Daily Market and Fish Market
3.Saheed Nagar Daily Market
4. Ruchika Daily Market
5.Indradhanu Daily Market
6.Damana Hata
7.Unit 3 Daily Market
8.Gandamunda Daily Market
9.BJB Nagar Daily Market
10.Maa Kochilei Daily Market, Rasulgarh.

The civic body started spraying disinfectants at various establishments and public places on March 31.

Apart from the spraying of disinfectants the civic body is also carrying out fogging activities across the city along with road cleaning, bush cutting and spraying of disinfectants in slums.

The entire activities across the city are coordinated under the leadership of BMC Commissioner Prem Chandra Chaudhary and senior officials through the COVID-19 Control Room established at the Central office of BMC.

The City Health Office of BMC has chalked out a detailed plan in coordination with the COVID-19 control room to carry out the sanitization work through spraying disinfectants and fogging.

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