COVID-19 effect: Beauty parlours, salons to remain closed in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Amid global coronavirus scare, the Odisha government today issued some operational guidelines on social distancing as measures to curb the spread of the disease. The government asked all high-end salons, beauty parlours and spas to remain closed until further orders as social distancing of more than one meter between service provider and customer is not possible in these premises.

A statement issued by PK Mohapatra, Agriculture Production Commissioner-cum-Additional Chief Secretary and Head, Social Distancing Committee of COVID-19 Response mentioned in order to reduce overcrowding and ensure social distancing at the counter of liquor shop, it must be ensured that the customers will stand in queue with more than one meter inter-personal distance.

Also, IEC materials on COVID-19 should be displayed in prominent manner at liquor shops. The shop staffs dispensing liquor bottles directly to customers should sanitize their hands before and after every delivery. The owner should ensure the bottles must be sanitized before delivery.

The Jail authority should ensure provision of e-Mulakat/video call facilities for visitors who want to meet any of the jail inmates. All visitors and staffs must ensure social distancing measures like maintaining distance of more than one meter, respiratory etiquettes, hand hygiene and hand washing. This apart, physical contacts with inmates must be avoided. All non-essential activities by visitors/ groups/ NGO s should be restricted within the Jail premises, the official document stated.

This document is an addendum to the “Operational Guidelines on Social Distancing for Odisha COVID-19 Response, 2020” issued by the undersigned on 17th March 2020. This document to be read with the above said guidelines for complete understanding.

The jail authorities will track the Daily health status needs. It further said social distancing should be made in the premises of the jail.

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