COVID-19: Here’s list of myths and facts clarified by WHO

Bhubaneswar:  Like the rest of the country, Odisha is also battling the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus that has so far claimed over 13,000  lives in 188 countries across the world.

Despite all precautionary measures, the state has reported the second confirmed case in Bhubaneswar recently triggering panic among the people.  With a plethora of information going haywire to combat the spread of the deadly virus, people are in dilemma on what to follow and what to avoid.

If you too are struggling to distinguish between myths and facts to deal with the spread of coronavirus spread, here are some quick fact-checks to help you out.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared certain myth busters regarding the infection and spread of the lethal virus which says:

  1. COVID-19 can infect people of all age groups: Although elderly people and people with medical conditions like asthma, diabetes and heart disease appear to be more vulnerable to the infection it does mean younger people are immune to it.
  2. Cold weather and snow cannot kill the coronavirus.
  3. Coronavirus is not transmitted by mosquito bites.
  4. By far, no evidence accounts for the fact that pets such as dogs or cats are capable of transmitting the virus to humans.
  5. A hot bath does not prevent COVID-19 infection.
  6. Hand driers are not effective in killing the coronavirus.
  7. Ultraviolet light should not be used for sterilization. It can cause skin irritation.
  8. Thermal scanners can detect fever in people but can’t confirm if they are infected by coronavirus.
  9. An alcohol or chlorine spray will not kill viruses if they have already entered a person’s body.   
  10. Vaccines against pneumonia don’t immunize against coronavirus.
  11. There is no evidence that garlic consumption can protect people against coronavirus.
  12. Antibiotics do not work against coronavirus. They are designed to work against bacteria.
  13. Till date, no specific medicine has been recommended to prevent or treat the coronavirus.     

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