Daily read some letters I receive: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said he has a habit of daily reading at least a few of the letters he gets as it allows him to connect with the people.

In his monthly “Mann Ki Baat” programme broadcast on Sunday, Modi shared a letter by Arulmozhi Sarvanan, a housewife in Madurai, who availed a loan through Mudra scheme, connected with Government E-Marketplace -GEM and supplied two thermoses to the PMO for Rs 1,600.

Modi said whoever wants to supply any item to the government, small things such as electric bulbs, dustbins, brooms, chairs and tables can register themselves on E-GEM website.

“This is a great system. They can mention the quality of the goods, the rate at which they sell, and it is compulsory for the government departments to visit the site and see whether the supplier can supply the goods at reasonable prices without compromising on the quality. And then the orders can be placed. That is how the middlemen can be removed,” Modi said.

Modi said there were numerous tasks to be handled by the Prime Minister “but, for my own self, I have developed a habit of reading daily…”

Referring to Arulmozhi Sarvanan’s letter, he said she wrote about engaging in some economic activity keeping in mind her responsibilities and to lend some financial assistance to her family.

He said if Arulmozhi had not written to him, he would not have realised that due to E-GEM, a housewife living far away and running a small business can have the items on her inventory purchased directly by the Prime Minister’s Office.

“I believe that this is an excellent example of Minimum Government and Maximum Governance, and it’s objective is Minimum Price and Maximum Ease, Efficiency and Transparency,” Modi added. (IANS)

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