Deer on decline in Odisha’s Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Feb 10:

The number of deer is declining in Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha. According to the survey that concluded on Thursday, 90 deer are less in the list as compared to previous deer census.

The survey report said that there are only 4,315 deer in Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary.

Despite huge amount is being spent for the maintenance and safety of the deer, the continuous decline in the number has raised concern among the environmentalists.

Notably, there were 5,280 deer in the Sanctuary during 2012-13, while the number was 4,555 in 2013-14, 4,465 in 2014-15 and 4,405 in 2015-16.

Sources said that due to inadequate food in the Sanctuary, the deer are moving towards the villages in search of food.

Earlier, three deer were rescued from Balanga, Kanas and Satyabadi area on Feb 4, while three more were rescued from various places in critical condition in January.

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