Deer rescued from Mahanadi River in Odisha

Barang: A frightened deer very close to drowning was rescued by fishermen from Mahanadi River water at Munduli Barrage in Naraj here on Wednesday.

The rescued deer was released into Dampara wildlife sanctuary after it was handed over to the forest officials.

According to reports, the seven-year-old deer, which weighs around 1.5 quintal, had fallen into Mahanadi River under Athagarh forest division. After swimming for a long distance, it tried to come out of water at an embankment near Munduli Barrage, where few dogs tried to attack it.

Having no other option, the terrified deer once again entered the deep water and struggled to survive. Spotting the deer, which was very close to drowning, the fishermen saved it with help of a boat and rope in the morning.

Later, the fishermen handed over the animal to Dampara forest officials.

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