Despite COVID-19 pandemic job market opening up

Bhubaneswar: While the COVID-19 pandemic is not subsiding, experts say the fight against the disease will be a long haul process. There has been a shortage of jobs in different sectors in the country affected by the pandemic. Job seekers especially fresh graduates face difficulties to find a job amid this gloomy scenario.

Pay cuts and lay-offs by different companies made the situation worse leaving job seekers a bit confused. But there is a ray of hope for job seekers in some sectors.

After the Unlock-3, the Government allowed financial activities to resume. Some sectors in the country have been looking for additional manpower in 2020 as compared to 2019. The jobs might be not highly-paid, but still the trend shows there is no way out for jobseekers to lose hope.

Software Technology: Following the pandemic, there has been a considerable increase in instances of cyber attacks on individuals and organizations. This has led to a demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. The workforce flexibility and remote work options provide employers the benefit to go for hiring.

Software development, system engineering, IT operations and help desk in the sector also provide ample scope to jobseekers.

Healthcare: During the pandemic period, healthcare sector is a lucrative field where there has been requirement for skilled manpower. Health workers including paramedics and nurse are in demand to work at healthcare institutions. Pay and other perks of health workers are any day better than jobs in other sectors.

Marketing: Though there is a downfall in factory production in recent past, the industry is bouncing back slowly but steadily. To sell the products especially during the economic downturn is a challenging job. Companies will need marketing professionals to promote their products and sell them to larger masses.

Delivery person: There has been a steady demand for delivery persons in different areas. Be it a pizza delivery boy or courier employee, demand for additional workforce has increased after online shopping has become a new normal after the pandemic. This job does not require someone to be a specialist. Also, this profile suits employees as well because of its flexibility nature.

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