Despite traffic rule relaxation in Odisha, these violations will attract penalty

Bhubaneswar: A day after the Odisha Government relaxed the imposition of the new MV Act for three months, the State Transport Authority (STA) today clarified that certain traffic rule violations will still attract penalty during the period.

The offences are driving at a speed exceeding the specified limit, red light jumping, drunken driving, driving against flow of traffic, using mobile phone while driving, dangerous driving, triple riding on two wheeler, not wearing helmet, not wearing seat belt and overloading.

If an offender is found involved in any one or more violations as mentioned above, the documents of the vehicle will be checked, the STA said.

The STA has further directed the concerned officials to avoid routine checking of vehicle documents unless input is received regarding stolen vehicles. “At the time of checking, maximum three to four vehicles may be detained at a time so as to minimize the inconvenience to the public and ensure normal flow of traffic,” the STA said in a letter to the officials.

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