DGCA cancels six landing slots of private airlines

New Delhi, Jan 30 :

Aviation regulator DGCA Thursday cancelled six landing slots of three private airlines, citing non-compliance of safety rules in foggy conditions.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), two landing slots of Jet Airways, Go Air and IndiGo each have been withdrawn, as the airlines were operating in and out of Delhi without the instrument landing system (ILS) CAT III-compliant aircraft or CAT-III trained crew during fog period.

The penal action from the regulator comes after six flights, including two each of Jet Airways, Go Air and IndiGo, were diverted from Delhi to Jaipur Jan 29 as visibility at IGI Airport dropped.

“DGCA has been in continuous touch with airlines to ensure deployment of CAT III-compliant aircraft and trained crew during the fog period. However, inspite of repeated efforts, two flights each of Jet Airways, Go Air and IndiGo were diverted from Delhi to Jaipur,” the regulator said.

On Jan 7, DGCA called a meeting of the airlines and airport operators and issued directives that the carriers deploy CAT-III compliant aircraft and crew under foggy conditions.

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