Director of film on Sheena Bora murder rues ‘double standards’ of censor board

New Delhi, Sep 5:

Avadh Sharma, producer of “Ek Kahani Julie Ki”, is upset with the censor board for being uncertain during film certification of the Rakhi Sawant-starrer.


He claims that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) gave the film a ‘U/A’ certificate, but later changed it to ‘A’. And now, the producer is contemplating legal action.

“Ek Kahani Julie Ki” is based on the Sheena Bora murder mystery, where Rakhi plays the character of the prime accused Indrani Mukherjea. It is produced by Sharma for Chetna Entertainment.

“On 01.09.2016, CBFC has allowed the film for public exhibition under ‘A’ category by cutting such dialogues, which were already censored by CBFC by issuing certificate under U/A category, though we are aggrieved with the arbitrary decision of CBFC and due to paucity of time we accepted the certificate under ‘A’ category as the film is to be released on 09.09.2016,” Sharma said.

Sharma added: “The way of working of CBFC is totally unfair, unjustified and illegal as they don’t rely upon the certificate already issued by them.” He said they would be taking legal recourse against the CBFC.

Directed by Aziz Zee, “Ek Kahani Julie Ki” also stars Amit Mehra, Saniya Pannu, Jimmy Sharma, Rajesh Khera, Adi Irani, Sabgita Tiwari, Soniya Gupta, Sonu Baba and Rambir. It is scheduled to release on Friday.

Sharma also alleged that “CBFC has no proper mechanism or parameter for certification of a film and the certificates are being issued by them on their will without following law or guidelines and without application of mind”.

The dialogues that are attracting attention include: ‘daal degi kela’ and ‘kitne trucko se gujar gai’.

Rakhi had also called a press conference to address the issue on Friday in Mumbai. (IANS)

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