Dirty picture: RPS officer, woman Constable terminated from services

Jaipur: The Rajasthan government has terminated the services of RPS officer Hiralal Saini and a female constable who were seen doing sexual activities in a swimming pool recently. The video had gone viral on the social media.

The two were also seen in the video making shameful gestures in presence of the six-year-old son of the female constable.

The RPS officer Hiralal Saini and the female constable were produced in POCSO court on Friday.

The court meanwhile rejected the bail application of Saini.

While rejecting the bail, the court said that the investigation has not been completed yet. Therefore, the benefit of bail cannot be given to the accused.

The bail application was presented by Hiralal Saini’s advocate. After the rejection of bail, suspended RPS Hiralal Saini was sent to jail.

Two videos of Saini and a female constable had surfaced with a 6-year-old child taking a bath in the pool. Both were also seen doing obscene acts with the child. The videos were made at a resort in Pushkar. The woman’s husband had filed a complaint. Soon after the video surfaced, the DGP suspended both of them. Disciplinary action has also been taken against 6 other police officers who have been accused of dereliction of duty in the entire episode.


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