Discrepancy in COVID-19 data: Tongue in cheek moment for Odisha govt

Bhubaneswar: Even though there has been a spike in COVID-19 cases, discrepancies in data provided by the Odisha government and the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation on the number of affected persons today left everyone puzzled.

While releasing the number of fresh COVID-19 cases in the State during last 24 hours, the Information and Public Relations Department stated there have been 37 new positive cases in Khordha district.

Everyone got confused when the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) released details on the number of fresh COVID-19 cases in Bhubaneswar few hours after the I&PR Department’s data. The BMC stated in its statement a total of 38 new cases have been detected in Bhubaneswar alone.

It seems there is a lack of coordination between government agencies in COVID management. Otherwise there would not have mismatch in the data provided by the two different government bodies, said a city resident.

What is more intriguing is the Bhubaneswar Municipal Commissioner Prem Chandra Chaudhary’s statement during a press conference held today afternoon.

While presenting slides Chaudhary said Bhubaneswar reported a total of 37 cases between July 1-10, 2020. But the reality is totally different if someone goes by the data present by the State government in the last 10 days.

July 1 – – – – total 12 cases – — – home quarantine 4, local contact 8

July 2 —— total 13 cases—– home quarantine 5, local contact 8, corona warrior 1

July 3 — – – – total 24 cases —- home quarantine 20, local contact 4

July 4—– total 45 cases —- home quarantine 37, local contact 8

July 5 – — – – total 19 cases — – – home quarantine 9, locals contact 8, corona warrior 2

July 6 —– total 17 cases —– home quarantine 10, local contact 5, corona warrior 2

July 7 —— total 29 cases —- home quarantine 14, local contact 14, corona warrior 1

July 8—— total 46 cases ——home quarantine 22, local contact 24

July 9 —- -total 32 cases —— home quarantine 14, local contact 18

July 10 — — total 45 cases —— home quarantine 35, local contact 10

The data shows in July 1-5 Bhubaneswar reported more than 35 local contact cases. But the BMC Commissioner’s data on lesser number of active cases raised curiosity among people. It is hard to imagine such discrepancy in data presented by the government officials during these testing times.

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