Don’t let your kid turn into a couch potato!

Washington, March 29:

Parents, control your kids’ TV watching as research links high TV time and junk food consumption that increases risks of heart diseases in children later in life.

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Children who watched TV two to six hours a day were more likely than the high computer/video game group to eat high-fat foods such as French fries or chips, the study found.

“While too much of both types of screen time encourages sedentary behaviour, our study suggests that high TV time in particular is associated with poorer food choices and increased cardiovascular risk,” said Elizabeth Jackson, associate professor at University of Michigan Health System.

This is likely because these kids are bombarded by TV commercials that tend to reinforce less healthy foods – often higher in sugar, salt and fats, Jackson said.

Such children are more likely to have higher body mass index, elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressure and slower recovery heart rate, the study noted.

The study involved 1,003 sixth-graders from 24 middle schools in Michigan.

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