Dr Subal Pradhan brings pediatric nephrology to Sishu Bhawan

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Cuttack, Aug 5:

Sardar Vallav Bhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Pediatrics (Sishu Bhawan), the largest referral Government teaching hospital of Odisha, received a shot in the arm recently with Dr Subal Pradhan, the first Indian to receive advanced training at the pediatric nephrology association (IPNA) in McGill Health University, Canada, returning to the institution after his training.


Dr Pradhan, who received his basic training in pediatrics Nephrology from St. John, Bangalore is working as an Assistant Professor at Sishu Bhawan..

Pediatric Nephrology is a relatively less recognized specialty compared to adult nephrology service in India. Renal diseases in children are different from those in adults and so are its diagnosis and management. In adults, the common causes of renal problems are diabetes, hypertension and immunological diseases whereas in children the are due to infection, congenital birth defects and familial renal disease.

Many kidney diseases start in early childhood. If not treated appropriately, they can lead to permanent kidney failure in late childhood or adult life. Besides malaria, dengue and snake bite are important causes of acute kidney failure (ARF),increasing the renal disease burden in Odisha.

So far there is no established pediatrics nephrology service in Odisha. Provision of pediatric nephrology care at Sishu Bhawan will be great benefit to the children with renal problems in Odisha.

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