Dry colours more harmful than liquid ones: Experts

New Delhi: On the eve of Holi, doctors here have warned that dry colours may cause more harm to the eye as compared to liquid colours.

According to Shantanu Mukherji, a senior consultant with the Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, “Synthetic colours contain harmful agents like industrial dyes and alkalis, which are incredibly toxic for the human skin, especially the eyes. Their use can also cause symptoms like irritation, redness, allergies and even permanent loss of vision in case of severe chemical injury to the eye.”

“The other thing that causes eye problems is poor hygiene. If one tries to remove colour by rubbing the eye with dirty fingers, it may expose one to the risk of infective conjunctivitis,” he added.

Talking about skin problems after Holi, dermatologist Amit Bangia advised applying oil on exposed skin before playing Holi.

“Use colours made from natural ingredients as much as possible like rose petal, marigold flowers, turmeric, beet root etc. Remove colour with mild face wash and moisturise the skin after cleaning the color,” he said.

Bangia also said that the festival of Holi involves close proximity in large gatherings, which is a perfect recipe for the spread of Covid.

Children who are not vaccinated and the elderly who are susceptible to complications should avoid playing Holi, he added.


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