Dutee drags sister into same-sex relationship controversy

Bhubaneswar: An ongoing confrontation between ace sprinter Dutee Chand and her elder sister Saraswati Chand crossed all limit after the fastest Indian woman openly spoke to media raising question on her sibling’s relationship with a girl.

Making a startling revelation, Dutee said that her sister Saraswati is in a same-sex relationship with a girl from Assam on pretext of coaching her.

Speaking to the ‘Sambad’, India’s first openly gay athlete said, “My elder sister had been threatening to disown me for having a same-sex relationship. But, she is also involved in similar kind of relationship. She has a relationship with a girl from Assam. That girl has been staying at our home in Jajpur district since 2018. My family and villagers have informed this to me.”

Saraswati Chand

Seems like Dutee has found her own ammunition to attack her the biggest ‘critic’ and she did no delay to expose her sister. It drew media attention after the athlete shared a photo featuring her sister with lady ‘love’ on her Facebook page on Saturday afternoon. Later, she deleted the post for unknown reason.

However, she made it clear that her intention was not to tarnish anyone’s image.

“Like the pot calling the kettle black, Sarawasti was opposing my relationship and she made conspiracy against me. Being pressurized by her, my family is not allowing me to enter into my house that I have built at my expense. I am not blaming or questioning her sexual orientation as it is completely her personal life and she can live it on her way. She is into the same thing, but, why she is opposing my same-sex relationship,” Dutee told media.

“She has been criticising me on social media, insulting my mentor and guide for which I am under stress immensely and I am not able to focus on my training and sports career,” Dutee added.

However, Saraswati refuted the charges leveled against her by Dutee.

“The girl, who is staying at our home, is taking training from me in sprint. I am an NSNIS certified sprint coach and I don’t see any issue to explore talents. She will return to her home after completion of training. But, there is no truth in charges made by Dutee,” Saraswati said in her defence.

Recently, Dutee had hit headlines for her decision to sell one of her luxury cars.

“I am bound to sell my BMW due to shortage of money for my Olympic training,” Dutee had told media.

Later, she changed her mind yesterday.

“I changed my decision after receiving assurance from KIIT Founder. I will not sell my car in future,” she said.

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