Eating pizzas and burgers is suitable in other countries, not India: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu

Panaji: Eating burgers and pizzas is suitable in other countries, but not in India, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu said on Thursday.

Speaking at a function organised to mark the inauguration of a new college campus in North Goa, he also underlined the importance of nature in an era defined by technology and threatened by climate change, stating that butterfly gardens are as important as information technology tools.

“I am not prescribing a particular food, there are a lot of varieties, thousands of varieties in India. I’m only suggesting to go for cooked food — not stale or frozen food. We must go for organic indegenous food, this burger pizza may be suitable to those countries but not to our country.

“Our forefathers have experienced and they have lived and they have given us a lot of good food. We should see to it that our younger generation follows them,” he said.

The Vice President also said that it was imperative to preserve nature in the age of climate change.

“A butterfly garden is as important as the latest IT tools. We must progress but must not ignore nature — nature, culture together for a better future. All those things which are there, mountains, we should not disturb them. Off late, a tendency to encroach upon is increasing that is why all this ruination.

“You see worldwide climate change is there because we did not protect nature. Nature is showing its fury on us. There is no exception — developed countries, everyone is experiencing it. We must go back to nature,” he added.

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