Eco-friendly paper Durga idol in Odisha capital

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 20: 

The RJs of 92.7 Big FM here are praying to a different goddess this Dussehra—a ‘green’ Durga, made entirely of newspapers, in an initiative to spread the message of an eco-friendly environment and society.

Green Durga

Prior to the advent of Dussehra, in a month-long campaign, a team of RJs went around the city to apartment complexes and offices and even organized roadshows, asking people to donate old newspapers for this sacred purpose. Donations came in large numbers from all corners.

A team of artisans and craftsmen of 92.7 Big FM slogged for about a month and created a striking idol of the goddess Durga, flanked by goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati, lords Ganesha and Kartik and her mount the lion, slaying the evil Mahishasur.

This idol of goddess Durga, when immersed will easily degrade and hence not add to water and land pollution, because of the bio-degradable material, it is made of—newspapers. They are encouraging people to ‘go green’ as a part of their ‘Big Green Durga’ theme and support the campaign for the conservation of nature and minimizing pollution.

This eco-friendly idol of Durga has been placed at Janata Maidan, Bhubaneswar for the darshan, amidst all the vibrant and fun-filled dandiya nights marking the navratri festival.

The festival of Dussehra has kicked in with much fanfare in Odisha this year. With spectacular puja pandals to magnificent idols of the goddess Durga, the ambience is that of festivity and celebration.

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