Elderly man files police complaint accusing daughter of defrauding him of Rs 40 lakh

Sundargarh: An elderly man today filed a police complaint alleging his daughter transferred Rs 40 lakh from his bank account to her account after forging his signature. The incident occurred in Gopalpur area under Hemgira police limits in Sundargarh district.

As per the complaint, the elderly man deposited the compensation amount, that he received as a MCL project displaced person, at a bank in Sundargarh.

In the meantime, the man’s daughter married to a youth from Kinjirikela area against her family’s wish. Following this, the elderly man and his family did not allow his daughter to enter the house.

With the passing of time, the man and his family changed their mind and allowed his daughter to visit them.

The complainant further stated, six months back, his daughter trickily took away some cheque leaves from his cheque book from his house. Forging the man’s signature, the daughter transferred Rs 40 lakh from his bank account to her account. Moreover, she withdrew Rs 7 lakh from the duped amount, the complaint mentioned.

The man came to know about the fraud when he visited the bank to withdraw some cash. The bank officials informed the man that Rs 40 lakh have been transferred from his account to the account of his daughter.

Today he lodged a police complaint accusing his daughter of defrauding him.

The police suggested the complainant to resolve the matter after talks with his daughter, said sources.

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