End of a bright career: A tribute to RN Das

By Vivek Pattanayak*

Bhubaneswar: Many have come and gone playing their role in public service. While some have not only played their role but have left a mark for future. R N Das — an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service is one such person. Coming from a distinguished family of administrators, educationist, engineers, and doctors, he himself left an indelible mark in administration. His father was an able administrator during the British time. His eldest brother, Prof. Bidhubhusan Das having graduated from Oxford was a distinguished educationist of India. His elder brother Er. Jamini Das was a brilliant electrical engineer. Gour Shankar Das, another elder brother of his was an eminent agricultural expert getting his technical expertise from Japan. His brother and sister were both doctors of eminence. His younger brother Annada Das also an officer of Indian Administrative Service of Madhya Pradesh cadre from 1964 batch. His youngest brother was a banker having served IDBI.

Rabi Narayan Das joined civil service in 1959 after doing master’s degree in Political Science and teaching the subject. During his extensive career he held the position as Secretary to the Government in the Departments of Finance, Home, Industry and Transport and Commerce after serving as BDO, Baraplli, Sub-Collector, Bargarh, ADM, Dhenkanal, and Collector, Keonjhar at the field level. During his civil service career, he had also studied in United Kingdom. He became the Chief Secretary of the State of Odisha for an extended period.

Known for his dynamism, he was highly effective, brilliant, and decisive administrator. He always could find a solution to difficult problems. Invariably he had positive outlook and optimistic approach.

He enjoyed the confidence and respect of all the Chief Ministers of Odisha of his time.

During his retirement, he remained active reading and keeping himself up to date with national and international events. All through he staunchly believed that India being a country of diversity must remain secular and democratic. He was firmly of the view that in independence of judiciary is bulwark of sustenance of democratic culture and values.

In his exit from the mundane world, the State has lost a practical and down to earth administrator. For years to come, civil service and society will miss a vibrant person. May his noble soul rest in peace.



*The author is a former bureaucrat and held important positions in aviation and power regulatory body. He can be  reached through e-mail at [email protected]


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of  Sambad English.





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