Ensure safety during Diwali with advisory of Commissionerate Police. Read here

Bhubaneswar: The Twin City Commissionerate Police has issued safety advisory for Diwali in a bid to prevent mishaps during the festival on October 19.

  1. Buy firecrackers etc from licensed shops.
  2. Do not allow children to use fireworks independently but only under supervision.
  3. Safety precautions indicated on the fireworks should be strictly followed.
  4. Do not use fireworks which create sound above 155 db.
  5. Do not wear silk, resham or polyester while using fireworks.
  6. Use a candle or long stick to ignite the fireworks.
  7. Always keep a bucket of water/sand and blanket at hand to extinguish fire.
  8. Keep first-aid box ready while using fireworks.
  9. Aerial fireworks should be exploded in open spaces safe landing zone.
  10. Dispose off used crackers etc properly by soaking in water.
  11. Never ignite fireworks while holding them. Put those down, ignite and walk away.
  12. Don’t put fireworks in any container to ignite.
  13. Don’t use fireworks on animals.
  14. Avoid bursting crackers near schools, hostels, hospitals, residential areas with senior citizens and crowded places.
  15. In case of emergency, call Police Control Room (Dial 100) of Fire Station (Dial 101) for help.
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