Epic journey of Odisha man who cycled to Sweden for love to be filmed

Bhubaneswar: The epic journey and love story of Pradyumna Mahanandia, who cycled all the way from Odisha to Sweden to meet his lady love Charlotte Von Schedvin, will be immortalized in a film.

The epic love story of portrait artist Pradyumna will be glorified by his two children — Emelie Mahanandia Von Schedvin and Siddhartha Mahanandia.

They are working on the script to immortalise love story, an old adage of their parents Pradyumna Mahanandia aka PK and Charlotte Von Schedvin.

Reports said that many film producers in Hollywood and Europe have expressed interest in the film on Pradyumna’s immortal love story. However, Emelie and her brother Siddhartha have decided not to sell the script to anyone.

Sources said that Emelie and Siddhartha have set up a production company called ‘Kalabati Pictures’, which is named after their grandmother. The first draft of the script is almost completed and they are discussing with the producers for collaboration.

PK currently works as an Adviser of Art and Culture under the Swedish government. He is living with his family in Boras.

Born into a poor dalit family at Kandhapada village in Athmallik Tehsil of Angul district in Odisha, Pradyumna aka PK shot to fame for his 4 months and 3 weeks journey to Sweden by his second hand bicycle to meet his love in 1977. He tied the knot with her, who was not from his country and religion, but his strong determination to get Charlotte became a symbol of true love, which continues to inspire today’s generation.

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After joining College of Arts in Delhi to study Fine Arts in 1971, PK struggled a lot drawing portraits. He was lauded for his drawing sketches of famous personalities including Indira Gandhi, Fakruddin Ali Ahmed and cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Being impressed by the portraits, Charlotte, who was a student, drove all the way to India to meet PK and to have her portrait drawn by him. The young couple fell in love and married as per Hindu traditions. Later, Charlotte returned Sweden. PK wanted to go with her, but he had no money to buy air ticket. He decided to buy a bicycle and ride to his wife’s place. He rode for around 4 and half months to reach Sweden via Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. He met his wife and his in-laws and again married in Sweden.

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