‘Events in Ukraine could lead to global food crisis in 12-18 months’

Moscow: The events in Ukraine and their consequences could lead the world to a food crisis in the next 12-18 months, said French President Emmanuel Macron.

In his opinion, this can especially affect countries “very dependent on Russia”.

“In the Middle East and Africa, therefore, Europe must be ready for this challenge both for it and for its partners,” the French leader said at a press conference, presenting his election programme as quoted by Ria Novosti, RT reported.

Macron added that he aims to ensure the food independence of France when elected president for the next five years.

The actions of the West, taken in order to “punish” Russia, are capable of provoking a global economic crisis, said Aleksey Zubets, director of the Institute of the Financial University under the Russian government.

The economist also recalled such circumstances as rising prices for fuel and metals, the restructuring of the supply chain, which is associated with the imposition of sanctions, the “falling away” of the Russian market from the West.

If this is combined with a rapid increase in food prices, all this “could cause a global crisis,” which, according to some estimates, could come at the end of 2022, the expert stressed.



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