‘Excess levels’ of radiation reported at Chernobyl after Russia seizes control in Ukraine

Bhubaneswar/ Chernobyl: A day after Russian forces seized parts of Ukraine, ‘excess levels’ of radiation was recorded in Chernobyl, a Ukrainian Government organization told media.

The State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine (SINR) informed that reason behind such rise in radiation levels, after the Russian invasion, is still unclear.  It claimed that data from the automated radiation system of the exclusion zone showed excessive levels of gamma radiations at several observation points.

However, Russian officials rubbished the allegations saying the radiation levels at the plant were normal and they would deploy paratroopers and guard the Chernobyl nuclear reactor for as long as it is required.

Later, SINR claimed that as per experts’ opinions, the movement of the Russian troop on to the land of the uninhabited land, with their heavy weaponries, has kicked up radioactive dust on the ground.

Before, the Russian invasion was mobilized; several reports had hinted that Chernobyl, being an uninhabited land for years now, could become the first place to be captured by the Russians as it’s in its close proximity to the Russian border and troops positioned in Belarus.

Latest reports state that after gunfire near the government quarter of Kyiv, Russian troops have now advanced towards Kyiv from both the north and east directions. Heavy artillery bombardment has been reported in Ukraine’s second-most populous city Kharkiv.

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