Experts call for decarbonisation to support nature, tackle pollution

Bhubaneswar: When the world is battling Covid-19 pandemic, countries across the world can work towards making this planet a better place to live. Experts at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC) have been of the opinion that the countries must ensure decarbonization, so that pollution is tackled and nature gets support.

Such policies can also address growing inequalities, improve health and increase food security, said the experts.

Clean and efficient energy:

The countries must provide energy equity and connectivity for everyone, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. This means prioritizing clean and renewable energy alongside concerted efforts to improve energy efficiency.

Clean transport:

Use of electric and hybrid vehicles must be promoted. Governments across the world should encourage mass transit, cycling and walking.

Wherever possible, the governments must urge people to replace short domestic flights with rail journeys.

Green buildings:

In construction sector, the governments must make the buildings green. Apart from this, buildings should be retrofitted for energy efficiency. Hence, the move will create more jobs along with improving the living conditions.

Natural capital:

Restoration of ecosystem and establishment of green infrastructure are critical to fight and adapt to climate change and restoring biodiversity.

Investment in sustainable agriculture:

Investments in clean research and development can create innovative technologies and solutions that support circularity, sustainable agriculture, cleaner industries and other areas.

Experts stated efforts in these five areas need to be followed by reforms that address key market failures in pricing externalities. This means accounting for nature in all economic decisions.

Developing nations must be supported for climate resilience and natural capital. On the other hand, the developed countries should continue to invest in digital technologies that are accessible to all, so that digital divide can be narrowed.

Experts added countries must come together to create a peaceful and prosperous world that lives in harmony with nature.

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