8 easy steps for a beautiful Eye Look

If you’re into makeup, you know that your eye is where you can be as creative as you want. From different color palettes to trending techniques, eyes often tend to make or break the look. When I started doing makeup, I thought eye makeup would be very complicated, but with a few tricks and techniques, I realized that it isn’t as hard as it looks! So here are a few tips and tricks to create the perfect eye look:

Step 1:

Base – An eye base is an essential product to make their creation pop and make it stay without it creasing. There are various dedicated products available which smoothen your eyelid. However, most people use their concealer as a hack to brighten the eye, hide any discoloration, and set the shadow.

NYX’s eyeshadow base is the best product available in India. It acts as a base and a color corrector. It will glide onto your lid like butter without making the surface oily. This retails for Rs.725 and is available on Nykaa.


(It’s available at Sephora and retails for Rs. 4,350).

Step 2: 

Set the Base – After you apply your base, do not forget to set it (for it not to move the product around) with a neutral color. This could be any matte shade from the palette you’re using. So to set my base, I would use a buffing brush to apply Tempera.

Step 3: 

Crease – This step you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you have bigger eyes, because it helps create an illusion of shadow on your crease, which will establish how the rest of your look will turn out. It is mainly used as an eye contour and a translation shade to flawlessly blend the colors. From the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, I would use Raw Sienna mixed with Burnt Orange on to my case. Deeper skin tones can use Burnt Orange and Red Ochre, and lighter skin tones can use a mix of Tempera and a little bit of Raw Sienna.

Step 4:

Deeper Shade – Your next step should be to define the base shade that you want to work with. In most looks, deeper shades go on the rim of your eyelid. I would start with a mix of Cyprus Umber and Venetian Red beginning from the outside corner of my eyes, working my way inward and on the crease. Make sure you blend it out to give it a gradient effect.

Step 5:

Lighter/Vibrant Shade – This is where the primary focus should be – the center of your eyelid. Pick a shade of your choice and carefully place it all over your lid and gently blend it with the deeper shade. Don’t stop yet. Blending is essential; take your time and keep mixing until the transition looks seamless. For this, I would use Love Letter and blend it with a clean blending brush to create a natural-looking ombre effect.

Step 6:

Highlight – Take some shimmer shadow or highlight and place the product in the center of your lid using a flat brush. To brighten the look, even more, you can use a thin brush to apply shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes. If you want the shimmer to look more vibrant, you can spray-set spray on the brush or use a finger to place the shadow gently. I usually use my finger, and for this look, I would use Vermeer to highlight my eyelid and the inner corner of my eyes.

Step 7: 

Liners – Pick a liner of your choice and decide whether you want a winged liner or just a standard liner. Follow the lash line on your lid and slowly taper it as you reach the end of your cover. If you want to do a dramatic eye, you can extend the liner towards your hairline in the direction of the edge of your brows and then pull the liner inward to connect it to the center of your lid. Fill it in, and voila! You’ve created the perfect wing!!

One liner I’ve loved lately is Kay Beauty’s, Liquid Liner. It’s matte, and it does not budge or fade. It is available on Nykaa for Rs.499.

Step 8: 

Lashes – Eyeshadow or no eyeshadow, mascara is the holy grail! I’d wear mascara to sleep if I could! Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara. If you want to use false lashes, measure the lashes, apply lash glue, and wait about 30 seconds for it to get tacky, and carefully place it onto your lash line. Then add another layer of mascara and touch up your liner. And you’re done with your eye look!!

Better Than Sex is the OG mascara. It curls and adds volume to your lashes as if there’s no tomorrow! L’oreal Lash Paradise also performs similarly, minus the high pricing.

But of late, I’ve been loving the new Huda Beauty’s LEGIT Lashes – they’re double-ended lashes that are meant to lengthen and volumize your lashes. These products retail for Rs. 1900, Rs. 799 and Rs. 2250 respectively and are available on Nykaa.

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