Family of brain-dead Plus 2 student donates kidneys in Odisha

Cuttack: A family of a Plus 2 student set an example for others by donating his kidneys after he was declared brain dead under treatment at the SCB Medical College and Hospital here yesterday.

Om Sibu, a 19-year-old Plus student of Kendrapara Autonomous College, was undergoing treatment in the past 1.5 months for a brain tumour at the neurosurgery department of the state’s premier medical college and hospital. However, the doctors declared him brain dead yesterday evening.

The bereaved family of brain-dead student.

Following the incident, the doctors approached the grieving family for organ donation. The family gave consent to retrieve organs and both kidneys were successfully retrieved following a process by a team of doctors at the SCB with the help of the State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (SOTTO).

As per the SOTTO guidelines, one kidney will be kept at the SCB and another one will be allocated to the Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar.

“Sibu complained of pain in his brain a few months ago. We consulted the doctors at the SCB for treatment of the complication. As advised by doctors, he underwent CT scan that detected a tumour in his brain. The doctors conducted a surgery, but the hope was minimal of his recovery. He was declared brain dead on Thursday evening after he showed no sign of improvement. When approached by the doctors, his parents agreed to donate his kidneys to save lives of others,” said brain-dead teen’s uncle Pratap Das.

“The boy was admitted to the hospital on January 17 after he was diagnosed with brain tumour. Our doctors tried their best to save him. They conducted a surgery at the neurosurgery department here. Despite all efforts, the brain stem death team declared him brain dead yesterday. We consulted the SOTTO team for organ retrieval. We also contacted the expectants who will receive kidneys. We also held counselling of the family. They finally agreed to donate organs. According to SOTTO guidelines, one kidney will be given to the expected recipient here and the second one will be given to the Apollo Hospital,” stated Dr. Abinash Rout, the Administrative Officer, SCB MCH.

He said that the hospital authorities have contacted the state government to give state honour to the donor.

“As per the government formality, the donor should be given state honour for the noble cause. We have written to the state’s home department in this regard and Kendrapara Collector and SP as well. We will pay tribute to the donor here and facilitate transportation of the body to his native with honour,” he added.

“We planned for organ retrieval after the patient, who was a bright student at his academics, was declared brain dead. After retrieval of kidneys, one has been allocated to the SCB by the SOTTO team. The second allocation has been made to the Apollo Hospital. We are waiting for cross match report following which we will go for kidney transplant,” said Prof. Dr. Samir Swain, HOD, Department of Urology, SCB Medical College and Hospital.

He gave entire credit to the family for organ donation and the Anesthesia team, Nephrology team, SOTTO team, brain death declaration team, neurology team that were involved in the retrieval process.


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