Faridabad man makes nude videos of Odia girl viral on social media, arrested

Rourkela: A man was arrested today for allegedly making nude videos of an Odia girl viral on social media and threatening her over the phone.

The victim girl belongs to Bandhamunda railway colony in Rourkela of Sundargarh district.

The accused man was identified as 22-year-old Suryakant Yadav from Faridabad of Haryana.

Based on an FIR earlier lodged by the girl, local police arrested the man and forwarded him to court later in the day.

According to a police source, Suryakant previously developed a friendship with the girl on Facebook. Gradually both the man and the girl became close to each other. Taking advantage of it, the man collected her mobile number.

Subsequently, the accused prepared nude videos of the victim and started blackmailing her.

Suryakant often sent the fabricated videos to the girl’s Whatsapp number. He also demanded money by threatening her that the videos will be uploaded on social media, in case she fails to pay.

Fearing a loss of social reputation, the girl reported the matter to the police.

A trap was laid and the man was asked to come to Rourkela to collect the extortion money.

Alert police arrested Suryakant after he reached Bandhamunda in Rourkela.

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