I feel double responsiblity towards Tiger: Sajid Nadiadwala

Mumbai, April 5 :

Sajid Nadiadwala, producer of upcoming Bollywood film “Heropanti”, the launchpad for Tiger Shroff, says he feels as responsible towards the young actor as any parent.

Tiger is actor Jackie Shroff’s son.
“It’s a very strange mix of parental pride and a teacher’s concern. I’ve been part of Tiger’s life from the time he was a child. I was there when he was born. Luckily, I’m also part of his second birth, when his career takes off. So you could say I feel a double responsibility towards Tiger,” said Nadiadwala.

He has never felt so nervous about any of my films before.

“Tiger is the first actor I’m launching in my entire career as a producer. That he’s being launched during the same year when I make my debut as a director (with ‘Kick’) gives me an added feeling of identification with Tiger.

“I know what he must be going through,” he said with a nervous laugh, dismissing the contention that being his father’s son would help Tiger get a larger audience.

“I don’t think audiences today are sentimental about the stars. Of course there would be a certain sense of identification with Jackie dada because Tiger is his son in every way. But let me tell you, Tiger does his own thing on screen.

“After audiences see Tiger, they will realise that the father and son are two different actors,” observes Nadiadwala, who is deeply impressed by Tiger’s dedication.

“Tiger is exceptionally hardworking and disciplined. He starts his day early, does martial arts religiously. You won’t see him partying and lazing around. For Tiger, leisure is not a luxury. It is part of his work. He is most relaxed when he is working.”

Asked to rate Tiger as an actor, Nadiadwala said: “He is a complete star material. He fills up the screen with self-confidence. I can sense his urgent need to do his best in every shot.”

“We’ve gone all out to ensure Tiger has the best possible launch. I feel as responsible about Tiger’s career as I would about my own son,” he added.

The film will release May 23.


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