Feeling thirsty all the time? You might be suffering from these health issues

Bhubaneswar: Have you been lately feeling thirsty all the time? Maybe it’s because of the soaring temperature. On the contrary, it could also be a sign your body is not doing well after all.

Feeling thirsty is a body’s natural mechanism to hydrate and recover itself from time to time. Be it after an intense exercise routine or gorging on some salty or spicy meal or even simply strolling here and there. That’s quite normal. However, if your thirst level abruptly shoots up and you begin to have fatigue or blurred vision that might indicate your body needs medical attention.

Out of several explanations for one’s extreme thirst, here are five obvious reasons why you might be feeling thirsty all the time:


  • Diabetes

Be it diabetes mellitus (Type-II) or diabetes insipidus (Type-I), a person with either of the conditions experiences excessive thirst or polydipsia.


  • Dehydration

If you are not consuming enough water regularly and spending a lot of time under the sun, working, or eating unhealthy foods, you might soon get dehydrated and experience uneasiness like extreme sweating, vomiting, dizziness and low urine output.


  • Sepsis

Now, this is lethal. Sepsis is an illness caused by the response of one’s body to infection. A person’s immune system is their defense system. But sometimes, it goes on an overdrive and releases chemicals that lead to inflammation throughout a person’s body.


  • Anemia

 People suffering from Anemia lack enough healthy red blood cells in their systems. This condition limits the amount of oxygen in their bodies leaving them to suffer from dizziness, breathing disorders and pulsating heartbeats. To compensate for the lowered oxygen levels, the body raises a person’s thirst.


  • Xerostomia


Also called dry mouth, this is a condition that occurs due to the reduction or absence of saliva flow in a person’s mouth. It’s a symptom or side effect of certain medical conditions like diabetes, HIV and stroke, or radiation treatments.


So, drinking a lot of water is a good way to keep your body energized and healthy. But, if your thirst hits extreme levels, going for a  thorough health checkup would be a wiser option.


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