FICCI FLO organises mental health counseling ‘aham brahmasmi’

Bhubaneswar: To celebrate Mental Health Awareness month,  FLO Bhubaneswar today organised an online event on Mental Health counseling and healing called ‘aham brahmasmi’.

The webinar was addressed by Sr Vice Chair, Namrita Chahal who is a energy healer and body psycho therapist, discussing how one can reduce personal stress during the Covid-19 outbreak by just tapping the power within.

During these challenging times , addressing the anxiety and fear of many is not only relevant but critical and crucial. Hence, CS Sunita Mohanty, FICCI FLO chair, promised to make every effort to achieve the sustainable development of every fellow FLO member and people around her, said, ‘this is the least we can do.’

The webinar was moderated by FLO secretary, Sonal More and Vote of thanks by Vice Chair, Poonam Mohapatra.

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