Find out why Sudarsan Pattnaik had once hinted at leaving India

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 6:

Sudarsan Pattnaik might have won thousands of accolades and hearts all over the world but there was a time when the renowned sand artist had once hinted at leaving India. One might wonder, in all the intolerance debate going on in the recent times, what made Sudarsan even think of leaving his homeland?

And you shall be surprised to find that all this “hinting” was because of the indifferent attitude of the Odisha government.


In a recent interview to a national newspaper in the state after bagging the gold medal at the Moscow Championship of Sand Sculpture, the international sand sculpture said, that though, previously he had thought of leaving the country because despite achieving so many feats over the years, the state government had never sent a single appreciation note to him and he felt sad when he received no recognition. Corporate houses too backed only sportspersons but not artists who need as much encouragement and aid as other talented individuals in Odisha.

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The artist also said to the leading daily that he got various offers from Denmark, Russia, Germany and Australia to work there. But he specifically mentioned that he proudly rejected all those offers as he loves his country and his native town Puri, from where he has began his career and the world came to know of him as a renowned sand artist, even though prospects are better for the likes of him abroad.

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It’s an irony that the same Odisha government, who had once ignored this super-talented gem of an artist at one point in time, is now going gaga over him: giving him space to portray his art at the international airport in the Odisha capital, making him the brand ambassador of various government initiatives and making his achievements headlines. Life does come full circle, doesn’t it?


Source: Times Of India


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