1st pot of water auctioned for Rs 12,500 from Marichi kund in Odisha!

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Apr 14:

A day before Lord Lingaraj’s Rukna Rath yatra according to tradition, water from Marichi kund water was auctioned on midnight to women who desire to bear children.

marichi kund

On Wednesday, the first earthen pot was auctioned for Rs 12, 500, second for Rs 8,200 and third fetched Rs 7,000.

It is believed that if childless women aspiring for children bathe from the water of the kund then they become mothers. After bathing they must darshan Lord Mukteshwar, today they will visit Lord Lingaraj and do puja.

The water body which remains closed throughout the year is opened a day before the Rukana Rath yatra on 11.15 pm.  The first pot of water is  taken out is used to consecrate the Rukana rath.

While, the on 12 pm the auction for woman desiring children were called out. The first pot at Rs 12,500 was brought by Dhenkanal resident Subasini Sahu, while the second call of Rs 8,200 was given by Shrashanjali Biswal of Cuttack. While the third pot was brought by woman who refused to reveal her name at Rs 7,000.

Notably,  last year the first pot had been auctioned for Rs 41,000.

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