First unisex PPE ‘Nari Kavach COVID-19’ launched


Agra: A fashion designer from Agra, Anupam Goyal, in collaboration with a team of Fashionova, a studio based at Surat in Gujarat, has launched the first unisex PPE, for COVID-19 warriors.

Anupam told that the PPE, called ‘Nari Kavach COVID-19’ could be comfortably worn by female health staffers and doctors.

Goyal said sarees had always been an integral part of the Indian culture and heritage. “Its popularity can be seen in India from the fact that the saree is worn by a majority of the women in day-to-day work and on almost all occasions. When we talk of the Indian women’s dress, saree is the most popular among the outfits and is a must-have garment in an Indian women’s wardrobe.”

In India, women form a major part of the health workforce. The number of female doctors and nurses in India is huge. They are playing a crucial role in this fight against COVID-19. And a majority of these women prefer to wear sarees to work, he added.

However, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit India, women wearing sarees were finding it cumbersome and highly inconvenient to don PPE during duty hours, as these could not be worn on sarees. The leg protection sleeves of the PPE kit were also not suitable for the six-yard wrap.

Some time ago, the state health department in Kerala had mandated a shift in the dress code of the female hospital staff making it compulsory for them to either wear pants or straight leg kurta suits, Goyal said.

This problem has now been sorted out by our unique design, he claimed. Fashionova Design Studio’s associate designer, Sourav Mondal has come up with a very innovative PPE SUIT that can be worn on top of a saree.

This suit is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the Indian female doctors and nurses providing them 99 percent protection. It has been approved by numerous health organizations in India like the SITRA (South India Textile Research Association) and is perfectly fit to use during these times. This suit provides an extra layer that can be tucked in along with the saree. An inbuilt pocket takes care of the pallu of the saree. It has a trouser like inner which has to be worn inside the saree.

Thus, Indian female health workers can now wear their preferred attire while taking care of COVID-19 patients. They do not have to sacrifice their traditional and cultural link while being the vanguard of the battle against the pandemic. The kit is for one-time use, and quite affordable. At present around 450 pieces are being produced daily. A few more features for multiple uses would be added after the feedback. These kits are required by all COVID hospitals on a daily basis.

‘Fashionova’, a startup, is the first, one of its kind, Design Development Centre in the Textile City Surat.


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